Why Use A Health 창원출장마사지 Massage Therapy : History Form


Health history forms: why do we have them? What good are they finding out? All these answers and more welcome back to the 창원출장마사지 Massage Mentor channel. My name is Aaron Cygnarowicz. I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to do in this video.

However, I have recently gotten to a discussion on Facebook about what you put on client intake forms. Why are they important and who should be filling them out? So that’s what we’re gonna talk about today before I get into that, though, if you’re new to this channel, please hit that subscribe button below and if you have any questions, please put that in the comments below as this video is going on just to reminder before We do get into this health history form debate, don’t forget.

Small Business Saturday is coming and also Black Friday, but you haven’t started your marketing campaign. You still have time, I don’t know what you’re waiting for but get on that because you’re running out of time.

So let’s talk about health history forms. Why are they important they’re important for two reasons, one being the business side of things, and two being a cya thing: business-wise, it helps provide great marketing information, so you can get their address their phone number, or their email address.

So that you can do those mailers, whether it be an email campaign, a text campaign, or just a standard US mail. So that’s always good. Also on that general information, you can find out who referred them, you can find out their occupation which opens the door for probing questions.

It also will give you some insight into where you should be massaging or directing your attention. They’ll tell you what their problem areas are, but I can tell you that if you fix something they didn’t know, it was broken they’re gonna come back to you and be amazed that you even knew that that was going on.

So that’s kind of the basics. For the first page of the health, history forms what I like to include also, when was your last 경남출장마사지 massage. I also like to include, if they’ve had a massage before and how long that way.

It kind of helps you with pressure and what your, how your intakes going to go, because, if it’s their first time, you’re going to give them a lot more information than if this is something that they do monthly.

What I like to put on the health history form as far as their health history and what I think is helpful. The second page of my health history form questions where they can write underneath as far as what’s going on, whether it’s an injury or neck stiffness say, and how they did it.

Also, I like to put down if they have any had any surgeries and if they could write those down and the dates just so that we’re on the same page. The third page is just as far as diseases are concerned. They can check various diseases that they have had, or still have, they can check if they have bad cancer or currently going through cancer treatment if they’re pregnant, and how far along they are.

These are all very important questions, especially if you’re not certified to do work on specific types of people at the very bottom of my health history form and your list for medications. That’s important to know if any of those medications are taken or contraindicated.

Also, I like to know if they have any allergies and for what so that will help if they want aromatherapy but they’re allergic to lavender. It’s you know not gonna happen, so it’s always good to know what they’re allergic to and what medications they’re.

Taking the final page of my health history form is the disclaimer stating that this 김해출장마사지 massage is not sexual. It’s meant to be therapeutic if by chance, they’re acting inappropriately or if they feel uncomfortable either side can end the session at any time.

They will be charged full price for them and also if they did not disclose an injury or ailment, we make it worse. It’s not our fault, and then I have them sign and date that now with me, stating all this, it’s very important that you get the client to fill it out themselves or, if not, that they at least sign it after you go through it with them.

Some people forget their glasses or you know – they have trouble with technology if they have it on a tablet or some other electronic device. So I don’t find it. I don’t think it’s a problem to fill it out for them, but make sure at the very end of the health history form that you note that, and you also have them sign and date it at the bottom.

Well, now that your intake form is convenient go out there, great, your health history forms go out with confidence start making that money. If you liked this video hit that like button, if ideas the future videos, or a question that the comments below if you’re new hit that subscribes button, I appreciate you all for watching.

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