Norwegian Joy Cruise Ship 룸카지노 Casino Tour


Today we are doing a walkthrough tour of the Norwegian Joy 룸카지노 casino located on Deck Seven here in the center of the ship. Next to this beautiful chandelier, So we’re not allowed to film all the casino is open, But luckily we’re in port right now.

So I can give you a quick walkthrough, So we’re gonna start right here in the VIP room. They’ve got a few tables in here. You can see. This is a blackjack table right here. Nice decor and these doors do shut off.

There are several tables over here and you can see we’ll have a quick look at the sign here. Minimum $ 2 bet maximum 200 on this one There’s also a whole bunch of machines here: Double Diamond And Red Hot Tamales, triple double diamond Phoenix and money.

Roll We’ve got some blackjack tables over here. Eighty-Eight fortunes Fufufu, magic, pearl, high-stakes. Sierra gold Is the kind of secret back hallway, through here Big wheel, superstar poker, more eighty-eight, fortunes, Wild fury, Further back here.

You’re gonna find dazzling thunder And then behind that you’re gonna see the skyline bar. That’s where the skyline bar is here in the casino, as well as you’re gonna find dancing drums and the coin pusher machines Over here on the left.

Behind those glass doors Is the smoking area in the Norwegian Joy 룸카지노-online-gambling-enterprise casino. You can see there’s a whole bunch of machines here, as well as some tables at the back. It kind of extends around the corner a little bit there Behind us here.

You are gonna find the big wheel Over here on the left. You will see the gold wheel And this hallway that we’re walking through is the main hallway through the length of the ship on Deck 7, so this gets kind of busy throughout the cruise a lot of people walking through here At the end here we’ve got some River dragons Now we’re back in that three stories: open area with a chandelier and over here on the left, you’ll find five dancing drum machines, There’s also the Players Club booth here.

So, as we turn around you’re gonna see a whole bunch of tables, you’ve got a fortune, three-card poker table, An ultimate Texas, Hold’em table, There’s a Mississippi Stud table, and another fortune, three-card poker table You’re also gonna see there is the cashier as well As a second ATM back here And as we sweep over to the left here, you’re gonna see there some video, blackjack and roulette games.

So I hope this tour and walkthrough of the 2023-best-룸카지노-gambling-online-casino on the Norwegian Joy helped you out If it did make sure to give this video a thumbs up Also remember to subscribe to Northern Viking Explorer because I’ve got tons of videos coming up that.

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