Gadget Bent (Paperback)


A book “Gadget Bent” by Field McConnell in paperback format.

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This 283 page journey starts when the central character, Agent Chips, is a copilot for Northwest Airlines and flying a trip to London Gatwick Airport in Crawley UK. During the first layover Agent Chips meets with Agent McDime, a resident of both thr UK and an island where the international calling code is 357. Two attractive Brit ladies are drawn to Chips and McDime like moths to a flame. As our affable and never flappable Agent Chips meets Agent DICE and really loses interest in his mission to expose John McCain and GHWB for their 3 generational treasons against the America people, he must choose between the succulent Agent DICE and his respect for his Marine Corps Mentor Colonel James Edward Sabow who was murdered on 22 January 1991 at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, California where he and Agent Chips appeared on the same page of a USMC Aviation Officer Recruiting Brochure in 1974. If this 283 page adventure filled with international intrigue, exposure of U S traitors and a veritable “how to” instruction on making the perfect martini does not rekindle your memories of an ill spent youth… didn’t have one


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