Foul BVR (Paperback)


A book “Foul BVR” by Field McConnell in paperback format.



This book picks up where GADGET BENT left off, your ill spent youth. The French built private jet DICE and Chips are flying in is in the midst of a challenging mechanical failure at the same times DICE is overcome with her great and understandable lust for Agent Chips. These two intrepid super sleuths continue the “discovery phase” of the crimes of GHWB, John McCain and others who were whores of the Rothschild fueled globalists while simultaneously gathering evidence of international pedophilia fulfillment, smuggling of military hardware to China through an island between Singapore and Jakarta and setting traps for doltish Mossad agents, pardon the redundancy. DICE and Chips were finding that Wellstone’s Wierdos ( Rudy Boschwitz, Carl Levin, Frank Lautenberg, Warren Rudman, Arlen Specter, Chuck Schumer, Herb Kohl and Joe Lieberman) were trying to conceal their lack of spirituality which would be evident when Kristine Marcy’s hard-drive would later be download with a list of 369 judges and Congress-critters trapped in a pedophile, human trafficking and organ harvesting operation with a relationship to HSBC and the Clinton Foundation. After 309 pages of gripping drama saturated with human pathos, Agent Chips’ focus is disrupted by a girl in a poodle skirt.


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