Field of Honor (Hardcover)


A book “Field of Honor” by Field McConnell in hardback format.

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This epic realistic journey starts out when a MOSSAD FLUNKEE pops up on Abel Danger Radar with code word’s HARPER’S FERRY. Fortunately for America, Chevrolet and apple pie, four Abel Danger Agents conclude that a Mossad interloper is upset because AD was capable of exposing G4S in the 4th book in thee SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL series. The evil plans of the Rothschild sponsored NOW flunkees for both their phosgene Super Bowl plans and their contingent fall back plans to poison UK subjects with novichok and blame the Russians as is revealed on pages 222-223 where Operation SPRAY BOTTLE is spoken of for the first in history . After saving Super Bowl 52 from the attack of the Deep State which followed the January 30th 2018 derailing of the train taking Trump friendly legislators to Mount Weather, Trump’s 3 Marines rely increasingly on intel from Trump’s 4th Marine as Agent Chips intercepts plans to invert WAR PLAN RED with an assassination attempt if POTUS 45 succeeds in destroying G8 in favor of a Christian based military alliance after Operation WELSH PONY and Operations SPRAY BOTTLE and SIDECAR. In the after glow of love Agent DICE dreams of two F18 Hornets forcing FIDEL’S BASTARD’S Bombardier Junk Jet to land whereupon a young pedophile is seen exiting the plane in handcuffs. As Agent DICE shivers in her sleep, Agent Chips mistakes if for an invitation for a BDE.


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