5 Secret Slot Tips that most people don’t know.


We’ve talked to a lot of slide managers, people that worked in the casino they know it and some insiders and we’ve gotten this information, and we want to share it with you now. Ok, let’s get into the tips tip number one is to look first, at machines that are new in the casino, and this is an interesting tip because a lot of the slide managers that we talked to say that the new machines in the casino will pay out in A higher percentage than the machines that have been there for a while.


Let me explain this to you: the casinos want to promote those new machines, so whatever machine is new, they generally have a higher ratio, payout ratio on the machines, or set to pay when they’re new, so you have a few increased odds of winning.

Now it’s no guarantee in this, but those newer machines are generally a lot of people want to play with that new machine. First of all, they might be interesting and they also attract a lot of players, but they also have a higher probability of paying out when they’re new, usually the first month or two, is what we’ve been told.

They will pay at a higher ratio and it could even be six months or so depending on the casino and then they will start to lower the payouts. So that’s so a good tip and that’s a secret tip. That’s tip number one: okay, let’s get into secret tip number two and that’s to try to change your betting amounts and let’s talk about this one you want to sometimes fluctuate.

Those bet amounts. I’ve noticed that, okay, let me explain this to you say I’m in a bad. That’s what I like to play with a lot I like to start with, that could be 25 cents. It could be 45 cents on a machine I’ll play that minimum of Ed.

For a while, if it’s not hitting sometimes I’ll raise it I’ll try to play, maybe the next amount of the 90 cents bad. For example, if it’s a 45-7 machine, I’m going 90 cents I’ll play that a little while, and if it doesn’t hit, maybe I’ll even go up to a little higher amount and then I’ll lower it back down I’ll.

Try that I’ll fluctuate the beds and it did at times this will pay off. I’ve seen a machine, that’s 45 cents, it’s just not paying it’s not pain. Always so now I move up to that higher threshold, the higher payout.

I don’t like to go really high on these beds. I like to keep them around two dollars or less because it gets expensive to play that high amount. You know the top amount on the machine, so I will fluctuate.

Sometimes I’ll go up to 90 cents and I’ll go up to a dollar 50 wherever that arranges dollar twenty-five to twenty-five, sometimes at the maximum amount and I’ll play a couple of pulls there and sometimes it’ll pay off, sometimes it’ll hit right away.

You move up to that 225 and boom you’ll get a good hit, you’ll get to a bonus even and that’s what we’re always looking for. So it seems that those fluctuations sometimes will pay. Sometimes a machine is paying on that higher amount and sometimes it’s paying on that lower amount.

So if it’s paying on that lower amount and it’s paying there, I would just stick with that until it stops. Why can’t greedy and go up to that higher amount? So something you want to keep it keep in mind now is if you are playing at a higher amount, a dollar fifty say a pole and it’s not pain.

You might want to try to lower the amount there are times that I’ve seen that work as well after you put fifty a hundred dollars into a machine. Sometimes you’ll go to a lower amount and it’ll hit on that bonus and it’ll.

Give you some of your money back, so it just doesn’t want to pay and then a higher amount. There are some days, I’ve seen that on a machine and it’s just weird how that works, and so that’s a secret tip.

That’s secret tip number two: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, moving right along here, we’ll go to secret tip number three, and this is what I like to call the last coin phenomenon and let’s explain that to you.

If you think about this, how many times have you been playing in the casino where you’re down and you’ve got another real good hit, all of a sudden you’re, almost out of money and all of a sudden boom? The Machine gives you a nice hit, and keeps you playing okay.

How does this work? We noticed this a lot and we’ve talked to a lot of people, and they all have stories like this. I being sure you have your own experience. If you played slots or you’ve heard about this, I like to call this the last coin phenomenon and it seems to us that the machines are programmed in a way that, when you get down, when you say you’ve put in 50 dollars into the machine or Twenty dollars when you get down toward that very last amount when you’re almost out of money, the machine will give you a higher odds of hitting.

I don’t know why that is, but that seems to be the case. Almost every time talk to a lot of people. They’ve lost three four five hundred in a machine all of a sudden. They get down that last five dollars.

They get down to near that last. We’re almost out of money and boom, they’ll hit something and no sometimes they’ll, even get close to even or recoup or even a little bit ahead. And I believe the machines are designed like this because it makes sense if you’ve lost a lot of money in the machine they like to.

Let me let you know close to. Even maybe you know that’s what they’re gonna do, or maybe you get a little bit ahead and then they’ll start taking it back slowly and that’s how these machines work a lot of time.

So what I like to do is I like to put in I don’t like to play with those high denomination bills. I guess you don’t have success with those I like to put in $ 10 bills and $ 20 bills into the machine, and I like to play it down to the lowest amount, and sometimes I will strike on those late amounts now.

Sometimes it works in the reverse. Sometimes it pays quickly the machine when you put in a new 20 or a new 10, sometimes I’ll just put a 5 in the machine. There’s no reason that you can’t feed it five-dollar bills.

It accepts those just as well as the higher amounts, and you can go from machine to machine with five or ten play it down. Even if I bet sometimes, I bet a dollar a pole and I put in five and I got down to a dollar – and I had a nice hit sometimes 150 $ 200 hit on a five dollar bill.

So you don’t have to put fifty $ 100 bills in the Machine it seems to me like then you know the Machine, whatever you put into it. It’s you know it’s trying to its program to take most of your money. To be honest with you most of the time so feed it small and let it work its way down and a lot of times you’ll see you’ve probably experienced it.

If you think about it that last coin phenomenon that I’m talking about, where you get a big hit on when you’re, almost out of money, so that’s something to think about, and that secret tip number three: Okay, let’s move into secret tip number four, and that’s What we like to say, we like to call this starting small and betting up from there.

Okay, so start with a small bet amount. That’s almost always how I attack a machine I go in there. I go in there playing the minimum amount with a second lowest amount and I will go ahead and I will try to see if the machine is gonna pay and I’ll get a feel for the Machine.

I don’t want to jump in there. I know some people, who recommend these max beds, I’m not that kind of a player when we’re talking about a normal audience here. You know we don’t focus on millionaires in this channel.

We focus on everyday slot players. So that’s the kind of formation, that’s what 95 % of the players are. So let’s talk about that, we’ll start with that small amount played for a while. If the machine is hitting you can always bet up.

Okay, so that’s the thing to think about, and I’ve heard people talk about this, someone coined it tickling the Machine makes sense, tickle the Machine and see if it’s gonna laugh or your it’s gonna pay.

You so tickle that machine plays a small bet amount play that low bet amount, 45 cents somewhere in there, 25 cents, whatever the minimum is 30 60 played for a little while if it starts to hit – and it starts to give you some profit or you’re up 10, 20.

30 $ 40. It might be time to raise your bet amount and I’ve seen this work well for some guys. I’ve seen a guy. I know that plays this strategy and I’ve seen when a lot of money, starting with a small amount.

It’s amazing: I’ve seen him put ten or twenty into a machine play small, and get up to forty. Fifty dollars start raising the bet amount he might go from twenty-five. If the machine is hitting goes all the way up to like a dollar, he thinks the machine is high and it’ll keep paying him and he’ll get up two to three hundred I’ve.

Seen it a few times he’s done this. It’s impressive because you got to think about it. That’s a huge profit margin if you’re only investing twenty and he’s walking away with three-four I’ve even seen him walk away with a 501 time he caught up to a dollar.

He got a bonus and he went up from there. He went up to almost the max back after the bonus was already at about 150. He played max bet, and I mean the interest keeps paying to campaign, I’m up to almost four or five hundred.

Now you can’t go crazy, you can’t play forever, so he got up to about four or five hundred. I can’t remember I’m close to five hundred started to take his money and then he cashed out wisely and he moved on and that’s what you’ve got to do.

Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve got to take that profit and you got to walk away with it, so this is a secret, tip number four starts with a small amount, and you can always bet up. Okay, let’s go into the last tip here, and this is the secret tip number.

Five, okay – and this is what I’m gonna tell you if you want to look for a big big hit, you want na win big and you’re a small player. This is a way to do it. Okay and you’re not risking a lot of money and follow this tip, and you will have some success at times and you were gonna end up with a big hit eventually, okay, now, if you’ve been winning the casino, if you had a good day, okay, let’s Say you’re up $ 100 or more that we can see that a good day because again we’re talking to smaller players.

So if you made $ 100 or $ 200 you’re doing pretty well or you had a machine you’re up about a hundred hundred fifty on the machine, even if you’ve been playing small amounts, I recommend trying a few pulls on the machine and Maddux bet.

Okay – let’s talk about this if the machine is really hot, I’ve seen it times where you just walk in there. It’s been pain or you know it’s been idle for a while, and you walk up there with a Maddox bet and you do a couple of pulls and I’ve seen good.

Kids, I mean you can win a lot of money on a max bad, but it’s rare. So you’ve got to play it smart and you don’t know when it’s gonna pay, so you got to have that extra money. You can’t go in there. You can lose a lot of money quickly, okay, so this is a caution you can lose, though I don’t want it quickly if you stay with medics bets.

So if I made 100 hundred fifty dollars, there’s a machine I like, or it’s been paying I’ll play a couple of max bets and that’s usually in the 250 to $ 5 range, I don’t say, go crazy. The max bet is $ 20.

Okay. Let’s not talk about that. Let’s stay away from that, but up to maybe $ 5 or some of these machines, or even up to eight nine dollars a pull. It seems pretty ridiculous to me on a penny machine, so I would try to stick to those.

Max betting is like $ 5. Maybe – and I would play a few poles at $ 5 – maybe put 20 in their play from three or four pulls at $ 5, and if you catch a bonus or you hit something nice, you know you can then hit all the big hits.

It happened to me one time in the casino I was playing a smaller man. I wasn’t winning and hit the bonus in a while. I went up a little bit and didn’t hit, so I switched and played a couple of pulls at $ 5 and I think it was the first or second pull, and I mean it’s just the board lit up.

I got a lot of $ 400 out of it. You know I had a really good pull and it wasn’t even a bonus. It just had a lot of wild show up on the screen, so this is the type of thing that you might see occasionally, but only do this when you are winning.

You want to do this with the casino’s money and not your own, and you will walk away at times with a big hit, but you got to be. You got to be disciplined on this. If you play it, two three or four pulls it doesn’t hit.

Go back down to a lower amount, and let me tell you this: sometimes when you go from that high amount max back to the low amount. You’ll have some success there too. I’ve seen that work when you go on a high amount of max back.

All of a sudden, you drop down to a low amount and then you hit, and it hits you, so it’s not gonna be as big a hit. Obviously, but the machines are designed to hit a lot more on a lure bet. Okay, then they aren’t a higher 메이저놀이터 토토시티 bet.

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